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Meet the Owners

Healing Solutions Family Therapy Center is grounded in the mission of creating a space to nurture and support our therapists, in order for the therapists to be able to take optimum care of our clients. Tricia and David believe in taking care of people first and weave the values of cultivating authenticity and wholehearted living throughout Healing Solutions. This ensures that our clinicians feel supported as human beings and individuals, so that they can continue the sacred work of connecting with and supporting our clients while they heal from trauma, find positive solutions, and transform their lives.  

Our Founders Tricia and David Hamm originally created this space in order to meet the significant need for quality mental health services in the Antelope Valley, as well as provide therapists a supportive environment with a culture of connection and respect.  Over the past two years, they have been able to expand HSFTC into the Santa Clarita Valley, as well as build a significant online tele-therapy presence so that no client has a barrier to receiving care. 

Tricia Hamm, LMFT  has been helping individuals and families of Southern California heal from past trauma and cultivate their authentic life since 2013 through Community based programs such as Wraparound and IFCCS. HSFTC was born out of her experience with the homeless and uninsured populations, intensive services with children and teens, as well as family centered therapy. David Hamm brings to Healing Solutions Family Therapy Center decades of financial and marketing experience, as well as giving back to his community through youth sports in Santa Clarita for over 10 years.  He believes that everyone deserves access to quality mental health services and cultivates a positive and supportive office environment for our staff to be able to provide those services daily.  In their time away from the office, David and Tricia enjoy coaching youth softball in the spring, going to the beach in Ventura, spending time with their shared nine children and nine grandchildren, as well as their three dogs, Bella, Gracie and Bubba Gus. 

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