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Therapy Services
Healing with Authenticity 

Healing Solutions team members

Children's Therapy 

Children’s therapy is designed to bring out the best in kids by working with parents and children to build self-esteem, improve communication, promote healthy development, and enhance emotional vocabulary.

Children’s therapy often times looks different than traditional talk therapy. Your child’s therapist may incorporate play, artistic expression, and stories in an effort to work with your child at their developmental level.

Therapists work with children and their families by focusing on resolving conflict, developing new parenting skills, understanding and managing thoughts and feelings, navigating change, and thinking of new solutions to daily problems.

At Healing Solutions Family Therapy Center you will find a collaborative team of individuals that will accompany you along your healing journey. Every interaction you have with a staff member or clinician will be met with authenticity and a supportive approach. We look forward to joining you on your path to wellness.

Individual Therapy 

Our team of trained and caring therapists are here to help those facing personal, relational, and many other types of conflicts.  

We understand that many times, it is difficult to search for the root issues of the struggles that are faced on a daily basis. Our therapists are ready to join you on the journey to be able to approach life with a perspective that enables peace and joy. Our goal at Healing Solutions Family Therapy Center is to help equip and provide the necessary tools to those needing guidance in maneuvering through and overcoming the obstacles they face.

Couples Therapy 

Our couples therapy team is lead by licensed marriage and family therapists and associates trained in the Gottman method. Couples therapy will help you and your relationship to decrease research based predictors for an unhappy relationship and increase predictors for a more happy and healthy relationship. 

Couples therapy will address Communication, Quality time, Roles and Responsibilities, Trust, Conflict Management, Repairing past conflicts, Intimacy, avoidance of problems, and much much more.

EMDR Therapy

Our objective is to provide the best trauma-focused clinicians, who have the highest compassion.

Our trauma-focused clinicians are all trained in EMDR. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a psychotherapy that helps heal the emotional distress from traumatic life experiences. EMDR can help process distressing memories related to a myriad of situations including early life abuse or neglect, bullying, domestic violence, grief/loss, and abandonment.

By developing internal resources and strengths and then using the bilateral stimulation, the mind can begin to move through these traumas. EMDR allows you to address the negative beliefs and experience freedom from their limitations. It allows you to know and believe that you are capable, intelligent, successful, loveable, worthy, desirable, attractive, whole and complete. While there is no therapy that can erase what has happened, the traumas can become memories.  You know they happened, but you also know they are no longer happening. You can also reach new understanding of the strengths that helped you make it through and create new beliefs about yourself.

Group Therapy

in partnership with Live Oak Mental Wellness Project

Building Resilience Through Art - Clinician-Led Group Therapy - Live Oak & Healing Solutio

Adults and older teens, register at for our FREE July/August art therapy group!

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